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Double Vertical Labret

The Bold Beauty of Double Vertical Labret Piercings

The art of body piercing continues to evolve. New trends constantly emerge. One striking style stands out – the double vertical labret. This daring look takes a traditional vertical labret to another level. Two parallel punctures adorn the upper lip in perfect symmetry.

What Is a Double Vertical Labret?

A double vertical labret involves two separate piercings. The dual punctures occur vertically, one next to the other. They begin below the septum, running through the upper lip. Long straight barbells span both holes, creating parallel lines.

Vertical labrets have grown in popularity over recent years. The double variation imparts the same verticality but with a doubled visual impact. Doubled openings and barbells amplify this piercing’s inherent edginess.

Many view double verticals as the ultimate take on lip adornment. However, the process requires commitment and dedication. Proper healing ensures this striking style looks its best.

double vertical labret

Double Piercing Process

All vertical labret piercings share core piercing techniques. A hollow needle first creates the vertical pathway(s) through the upper lip. The starter jewelry inserts immediately after.

Single verticals require just one puncture from top to bottom. Double verticals repeat this process twice in parallel succession on the lip. Pinpoint accuracy becomes paramount to achieve clean symmetry.

Most piercers use a clamp to stabilize tissue during this intricate procedure. The clamp gently holds the area taut and immobile. This enables the piercer to precisely align and complete both punctures.

In some cases, experienced piercers opt for a freehand technique instead. While difficult, steady hands can accomplish properly spaced double openings without clamps.

Bleeding and swelling start immediately after the needles pass through. Over-the-counter medications help alleviate initial discomfort in the hours afterward.

Starter Jewelry for Double Verticals

Proper starter jewelry selection proves critical with any new piercing. Double verticals require specific long barbells to account for expected swelling.

Most often, two separate straight barbells get inserted initially. Circular hoops or curved jewelry would wrap too snugly when swelling sets in. The straighter the barbell, the better during healing.

Many piercers use 1 to 1.5 inch long labret bars as starter jewelry. This allows ample room for swelling while minimizing unnecessary length. Following downsizing after swelling subsides keeps everything tidy.

In some cases, a piercer may opt for a single continuous barbell to stabilize the fresh double punctures. This joined barbell provides extra support for the parallel piercings as healing kicks off.

double vertical labret


Healing and Aftercare

Double vertical labrets require diligent aftercare like single verticals. Strict adherence to cleaning protocols prevents infection. It also minimizes potential complications down the line.

The initial 1-2 weeks prove most critical. Swelling peaks during this timeframe before gradually diminishing over the course of a month or more. Over-cleaning or touching the area excessively prolongs swelling.

Saline or saltwater soaks twice daily ease discomfort. They flush away lymph discharge and keep the area clean. Rinsing after meals similarly prevents food particles from lingering.

Piercers recommend avoiding oral activities that irritate the piercings during early healing stages. Smoking, drinking through straws, and certain foods all pose risks. Even lip balm use requires caution to prevent contamination.

By 4-6 weeks, clients can usually switch to shorter barbells. This “downsizing” prevents excess movement once swelling resolves. Patience proves key during the full 3-6 month healing window.

Potential Complications

Though beautiful, double vertical labrets carry more inherent risks than single verticals. The two piercings double the chances for some routine complications to manifest.

Proper placement remains crucial. Even minor misalignment between the two holes can cause uneven swelling or angles. This throws off the intended parallel symmetry.

Migration, rejection, or severe swelling in one hole often creates aesthetic imbalances. Piercers may need to adjust or temporarily remove the affected side while healing progresses.

Excessive lateral pressure between the holes raises friction risks too. This requires specialized curved barbells to suspend the weight evenly while accommodating swelling.

Oral hygiene and aftercare vigilance helps reduce these potential pitfalls. Experienced piercers also use specialized techniques to mitigate complications.

double vertical labret

Double Vertical Jewelry Styles

Once healed, double vertical labrets unleash countless creative jewelry possibilities. Simple straight barbells in coordinated colors make an elegant statement. Adding uniform orb accents jazzes things up elegantly.

For bolder looks, opting for barbells with unique metal finishes or inlaid gems commands attention. Industrial-inspired looks with circular bars also highlight the parallel lines beautifully.

Mixing and matching different barbells encourages self-expression as well. Clients might opt for a polished finish on one side and blackened metal on the other. Asymmetrical metal choices and embellishments infuse an eclectic vibe.

Some take the “double” theme literally by connecting the two holes with continuous jewelry. Double-pierced circular rings or segment rings span the parallel punctures seamlessly.

Gauge sizes also make a distinctive impact. Daring individuals might opt for stretched double labrets measuring 6g or larger. More delicate looks favor 14g-16g barbells for subtlety.

Pros and Cons of Double Verticals

This piercing’s striking symmetry ranks highly among the aesthetic pros for many body mod enthusiasts. Doubled verticals turn heads with their bold multidimensional impact.

However, the piercing’s permanence and prominent placement represent a considerable commitment. Some employers or career paths may find these hard to accommodate or conceal when needed.

Doubled verticals could potentially impact speech patterns more noticeably than a single vertical. Bulkier jewelry pressing into the teeth and gums mandates adjustments.

As mentioned, risks for migration, rejection, and other complications spike with dual punctures. That said, clients who closely follow aftercare and maintenance protocols often enjoy a smooth experience.

Cost could also give some clients pause. Purchasing two separate pieces of labret jewelry stacks expenses faster for these parallel piercings compared to a single one.

double vertical labret

Double Vertical Labret Cost

Pricing for double vertical labrets varies based on region, piercing parlor, and jewelry selection. Generally, clients should budget $60-$150 for the piercing service itself in most areas.

Higher-end studios specializing in advanced piercings may charge premium rates. These could reach $200 or more depending on the piercer’s experience and flat service fees.

On top of this, jewelry runs approximately $15-$50 per side in most cases. Higher-quality metals and materials quickly increase this expense, especially for two separate barbells.

Many studios bundle the starter labret bars into their flat piercing fee. However, swapping these for upgraded jewelry lifts the overall cost further when initially healing completes.

Supplies like saline wound wash, antibacterial soap, and other aftercare products can add $20-$50 more to the total outlay required for proper healing.

Clients should also factor in any needed touch-up appointments or jewelry adjustments during healing. These additional trips can cost $20-$50 depending on the services rendered.

With all expenses added up, many find themselves spending $150-$300 total for a high-quality double vertical labret piercing experience when going to reputable parlors and purchasing quality jewelry.

The Bold Statement

Double vertical labrets rank among the most visually striking lip piercings in the game. Their precise symmetry and doubled adornments pack a serious visual punch.

The advanced technique required to execute them also reinforces their elite appeal among body modification connoisseurs. Committing to the process and healing journey proves worthwhile.

Long since evolved beyond shocking origins, bold facial piercings like doubled verticals have hit the mainstream. Many now view them as artistic canvases for creative expression. Their distinctive lines and embellishments frame and accentuate the lips exquisitely.

This particular piercing retains gravitas and edge while also radiating beauty. Carefully planned and executed, a double vertical labret delivers both rebellion and refined style in a single multidimensional pairing.



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