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How to Use Lip Oil

How to Use Lip Oil Effectively

Lip oils offer an excellent way to hydrate and nourish dry, chapped lips. They contain beneficial oils that penetrate deep into the lip’s surface. Lip oil create a protective barrier to lock in moisture. They also add a beautiful shine and subtle tint to the lips.

This blog post covers everything one needs to know about using lip oils correctly. It explains what lip oils are, their benefits, and step-by-step instructions for application. It also provides tips on selecting the right lip oil and incorporating it into a daily routine.

 What Are Lip Oils?

Lip oils consist of nourishing plant-based oils and butters. Common ingredients include jojoba, coconut, argan, marula, and shea oils. Some lip oils contain vitamin E and essential oils. These formulas glide onto lips smoothly without any stickiness or greasiness.

Lip oils differ from traditional lip balms. Balms use waxes and petroleum-derived ingredients to create a barrier on the lips. Oils absorb directly into the lips for long-lasting hydration from within.

How to Use Lip Oil

Benefits of Using Lip Oils

Lip oils provide multiple benefits for dry, cracked, and chapped lips. The key advantages include:

Deep Hydration: Oils penetrate into the lips to deliver intensive moisture from within. This hydrates and smoothes dry, flaky areas.

Environmental Protection: Oils create a protective barrier to shield lips from wind, cold temperatures, and sun exposure.

Anti-Aging Benefits: Many lip oil formulas contain antioxidants that help reduce fine lines around the lips.

Subtle Tint and Shine: Some lip oils add a pop of sheer, tinted color and a glossy shine to the lips.

How to Apply Lip Oil

Using a lip oil takes just a few simple steps:

1) Start with clean, dry lips. Gently exfoliate with a soft toothbrush or lip scrub to remove any flaky skin.

2) Take a pea-sized amount of lip oil and smooth it over the entire lip area. Allow a few seconds for the oil to absorb.

3) Reapply as needed throughout the day for continuous hydration and shine.

4) For best results, use lip oil consistently in the morning and evening as part of a daily routine.

Lip oils absorb quickly without any messy residue. So no need to wipe or blot off any excess product! The lips drink in the hydrating oils immediately.

How to Use Lip Oil

Tips for Choosing a Lip Oil

With so many options available, it helps to know what to look for in a quality lip oil:

Look for Simple Ingredients: The fewer ingredients, the better. Opt for recognizable plant oils and butters.

Avoid Irritants: Skip any formulas with potential irritants like camphor, menthol, phenol, or fragrance.

Consider Tints: Some lip oils come tinted with pigment for a subtle wash of color. Clear or tinted – either works great!

Check For SPF: Sun protection helps prevent dryness and aging around the lips. An SPF 15 or higher provides adequate coverage.

Read Reviews: Customer reviews offer insight into a lip oil’s texture, longevity, and efficacy.

When to Use Lip Oil

Lip oils work wonderfully in any situation where lips need extra moisture:

At Home: Keep a lip oil near the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Apply after washing hands and face.

At the Office: Lip oils hydrate without leaving any residue behind. Use one throughout the workday.

Before Bed: Slather on lip oil as the final step before bed to hydrate overnight. Wake up with soft, smooth lips.

During Travel: Lip oils pack easily for on-the-go hydration in flight or any dry climate.

After Sun Exposure: Soothe dry, sun-parched lips with a hydrating, protective lip oil.

How to Use Lip Oil

Incorporate Lip Oils Into a Routine

Lip oils layer seamlessly into any existing lip care routine. They complement exfoliating lip scrubs and overnight lip masks.

For daytime, start by gently scrubbing away any dead skin. Then smooth on a lip gloss and top with a lip balm if desired. The oil delivers quick moisture while the balm seals it in.

In the evening, remove makeup and exfoliate lips. Follow with a rich lip mask or oils before bedtime. Wake up with incredibly soft, supple lips!

The key remains using lip oils consistently as part of a regular lip care ritual. This maximizes their ability to deeply condition and protect.

Types of Lip Oils to Try

Many beauty brands now offer nourishing lip oils to choose from:

Clean Beauty Lip Oils: These contain minimal, botanical ingredients perfect for clean beauty enthusiasts.
Examples: Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil, Kosas Plump + Cool Vegan Collagen Lip Mask

Flavored Lip Oils: Delicious flavors like vanilla, mint chocolate, or citrus fruits add subtle taste and scent.
Examples: Too Faced Lipcreme Liquid Lip Oils, BareMinerals Agave Lip Oil

Multi-Use Lip/Body Oils: These work beautifully on lips and can also hydrate other dry areas.
Examples: Olive + M Multi-Oil Blend, Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil

Tinted Lip Oils: From sheer tints to rich pigments, these add a wash of color.
Examples: Merit Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil, Tower28 ShineOn Lip Jelly

So give lip oils a try! They offer superior hydration with a beautiful glossy look and feel. Achieve soft, luscious lips simply by incorporating them into a daily routine.

How to Use Lip Oil


Using lip oil can provide a hydrating and nourishing experience for your lips. It is important to start by applying a small amount of the lip oil to your lips, focusing on distributing it evenly across the surface. Gently massage the oil into your lips using your fingertips to ensure thorough absorption. Consider incorporating lip oil into your daily skincare routine, applying it in the morning and evening to maintain soft and well-hydrated lips.

Additionally, oil can be utilized as a primer before applying lipstick or lip gloss, creating a smooth and moisturized base for enhanced color and longevity. Keeping lip gloss handy throughout the day allows for quick touch-ups, especially in dry or cold environments, to ensure ongoing hydration and protection. Be mindful of the ingredients in the gloss to ensure that they align with your specific lip care needs, avoiding any potential allergens or irritants. Overall, incorporating oil into your lip care regimen offers a simple and effective way to promote hydration, nourishment, and a healthy appearance for your lips.

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