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How Long Can You Wear False Eyelashes

Maximize the Magic of False Lashes

False eyelashes are the perfect way to make your eyes pop for a special event or photograph. But unlike mascara that you apply fresh daily, false lashes are meant to be reused and enjoyed for as long as possible.How long can you wear false eyelashes? Read on for tips on getting the most wear out of your falsies.

Pick a Quality Brand

Not all false lashes are created equal. The construction and materials used greatly impact comfort and durability.How long can you wear false eyelashes? When shopping, look for:

  •  Soft, flexible bands – Avoid rigid, thick bands that feel uncomfortable on lids. Prefer lashes with soft, thin bands that flex easily.
  •  Fine, tapered hairs – Look for lashes made from fine synthetic fibers, not thick plastic, for a natural effect. Hairs should taper towards the ends.
  •  Invisible knots – Quality lashes have knots hidden between hairs to prevent irritation and shedding. Knot-free is ideal.
  •  Adhesive included – Opt for sets that come with lash glue formulated for sensitive eyes and all-day wear.
  •  Reputable brand – Companies like Ardell and KISS have perfected the blend of comfort, lightweight feel and affordability.

With a quality set made for extended wear, you’ll get the most mileage from your falsies.

How Long Can You Wear False Eyelashes

Prep Lids and Apply Properly

Getting the most wears out of false lashes starts with flawless application:

  •  Clean lids – Remove all traces of makeup, oil and debris so glue adheres best.
  •  Don’t apply wet – Ensure eyes and glue are completely dry before applying. Water breaks down glue bonds.
  •  Use lash glue – White latex-free glue like Duo works better than regular adhesives. Allow 20-30 seconds of tack time before applying lashes.
  •  Position properly – Align lashes as close to the natural lash line as possible, never on skin which causes lifting.
  •  Press and hold – After placing lashes, gently press down along the band to seal glue and prevent lifting or gaps.
  •  Check connections – Make sure inner and outer corners are securely attached and the ends aren’t poking out.

Proper cleansing, prepping and application means falsies stay put comfortably all day long.

How Long Can You Wear False Eyelashes

Carefully Remove and Clean After Each Use

How long can you wear false eyelashes?Taking lashes off with care is crucial for preserving them:

  •  Use oil-based makeup remover – Work remover between the lash band and lid to gently dissolve glue and allow removal.
  •  Try lash remover pads – Special pre-soaked pads make lash removal easy with no pulling or tugging.
  •  Don’t pick at the band – Never peel lashes off, as this can damage the band and connections to the hairs.
  •  Pull straight down – Once glue has dissolved, ease lashes straight down off the lashes to avoid snapping hairs.
  •  Handle with clean hands – Always remove using clean fingertips to avoid getting oils and dirt on the band.
  •  Clean after each use – Use lash cleanser or gentle shampoo on a cotton pad to wipe away residual glue.

Careful removal and cleansing preserves the integrity of the band and hairs for many wears.

Store Falsies Properly Between Uses

Keep lashes in pristine condition in between applications:

  •  Keep in original packaging – Store lashes back in their original box or plastic case to prevent damage.
  •  Lay flat, don’t bend – Never fold or crease lash bands when storing as this can make them warp out of shape over time.
  •  Protect from dust and dirt – Keep lashes someplace clean and enclosed like a drawer rather than open counters.
  •  Avoid humidity – Prevent fuzziness and band slippage by storing somewhere climate controlled.
  •  Alternate pairs – Rotate between several lash sets rather than overusing the same pair repeatedly.

Proper storage habits ensure lashes remain usable for as long as possible.

Know When It’s Time To Toss Them

How long can you wear false eyelashes?With routine cleansing and care, most quality false eyelash sets last 10-15 wears or more. But it’s important to regularly inspect your lashes and discard them when:

  •  The band is warped – A warped, twisted lash band won’t adhere correctly along the lids.
  •  Hairs are shedding – Excessive loose hairs come out with gentle brushing.
  •  They feel brittle – Fibers break rather than flex when the band is bent.
  •  They lose shape – The lashes refuse to hold their curl, lying flat and droopy.
  •  Glue won’t adhere – The lash band resists sticking, even with fresh glue.

Retiring lashes at the first signs of deterioration ensuresApplications always go smoothly and comfortably.

How Long Can You Wear False Eyelashes

Troubleshoot Common Issues

How long can you wear false eyelashes?Having trouble maximizing the staying power of your falsies? Try these tips to fix problems:

Issue: Lashes lift at the corners
Solution: Use less glue at the inner and outer corners. Too much glue causes sliding.

Issue: Lashes pop off mid-wear
Solution: Allow glue to get tacky before applying. Check for oil on lids interfering with adhesion.

Issue: Redness along the lash line
Solution: The band is likely too thick. File down the band’s edge with an emery board.

Issue: Discomfort along lower lash line
Solution: Trim lashes to fit your eye width so they don’t poke downward.

Issue: Flaking white glue residue
Solution: Switch to a clear-drying, non-latex lash glue formulated for extended wear.

With the right troubleshooting, you can resolve any application issues that arise.

By investing in quality lashes, applying them properly, and caring for them between wears, you can easily get two weeks or more of fabulous use from false eyelashes. Learn their care routine and you’ll never have to worry about running out before a big event!

How Long Can You Wear False Eyelashes


The duration for wearing false eyelashes depends on several factors, including the quality of the lashes, the type of adhesive used, and the individual’s care routine. With proper application and maintenance, false eyelashes can typically be comfortably worn for a day or up to a few days, allowing for a temporary enhancement of one’s natural lashes. However, it’s important to remove false eyelashes before sleeping to prevent potential damage to the eye area and natural lashes.

Additionally, gentle and careful removal of the false lashes is crucial to avoid causing harm to the eyelids and natural lashes. Regular cleaning and proper storage of the false lashes can help prolong their lifespan. Ultimately, being mindful of these factors and practicing diligent care can ensure that wearing false eyelashes enhances one’s appearance while also preserving the health and integrity of the natural lashes.

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