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Do You Use Mascara With False Eyelashes

Should You Wear Mascara with False Eyelashes?

False lashes can take your eye makeup to spectacular new heights. But should you wear mascara along with falsies? Or is it redundant to apply mascara over false lashes? Do you use mascara with false eyelashes?While fake lashes add volume on their own, mascara is still an essential step. Using mascara with falsies helps blend them seamlessly for a naturally enhanced gaze.

Mascaraexpertly complements false lashes in key ways. It binds your natural lashes to the false ones creating a unified lash line. Blending your real lashes with the fakes helps them look more cohesive. Mascara also coats any visible gaps between lashes with color. This prevents awkwards bare spaces peeking through.

Additionally, mascara conceals the lash band along your eyelid. Brushing mascara over the seam makes it practically disappear. The pigment hides any glue residue as well for perfectly concealed application. Mascara tends to soften the look of falsies for a more understated enhancement. It also prevents flakes and fall out by setting the lashes in place securely.

Do You Use Mascara With False Eyelashes

Technique for Applying Mascara with Falsies

You have a few options when it comes to the mascara formulas to use with false lashes. Regular volumizing mascara works well for building up natural lashes to match the fullness of falsies. Lengthening mascaras help extend your shorter, finer real lashes so they reach the fake ones better.

For the most seamless bond between natural and false lashes, look for mascaras made specifically for pairing with falsies. These formulas contain polymers that act like lash extensions glue. The tiny polymers cling to your real lashes then grab onto the falsies. This creates stronger connections and bonds between the two for enhanced blending.

When applying mascara with false lashes, technique is key. Always put mascara on before the falsies. First, curl your natural lashes with an eyelash curler. Then apply a volumizing mascara focusing mainly at the base of your upper lashes. Concentrate on giving your real lashes a boost in fullness to match the false strip.

After your natural lashes are prepped, adhere the fake strip along your upper lash line. Press it in place gently, keeping your eyes closed for 30 seconds to set the bond. Then apply a lengthening and defining mascara to coat the natural and false lashes together. Wiggle the wand back and forth to cover lashes from all angles.

Finally, apply a layer of the special lash bonding mascara for increased hold. Brush this formula over your lash line multiple times allowing each coat to dry between applications. The layers of bonding mascara help fuse your real and fake lashes together creating a stronger, unified lash line.

When wearing mascara with false lashes, take care removing eye makeup at the end of the day or event. Gently wipe away mascara using cleansing oil and cotton pads. Try not to pull hard as this can remove lashes. Lightly hold lashes in place as you cleanse eyes to prevent tugging.

Do You Use Mascara With False Eyelashes

Removing Makeup with False Lashes

Remove the falsies last once most of the mascara has been dissolved. Peel off the ends very slowly and carefully to avoid pulling out natural lashes in the process. Cleanse the false lashes of any remaining mascara so they stay in optimal condition for reapplying.

While false lashes alone add volume and fullness, mascara takes them to the next level. Mascara seamlessly blends natural and false lashes together. It conceals gaps and glue for completely undetectable enhancement. Mascara before falsies builds up natural lashes first for the perfect foundation. Then mascara over both coats every lash evenly.


With the right formulas and techniques, mascara creates flawlessly falsie-fringed eyes. Lengthening and volumizing mascaras amplify your real lashes for seamless blending with falsies. Special lash bonding mascaras lock everything in place comfortably. So reach for that mascara wand whenever applying false lashes for the most stunning, envy-worthy lashed gaze.

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