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How to Trim False Eyelashes

How to Trim False Eyelashes for the Perfect Fit

Applying false eyelashes can take your makeup look to the next level. But getting a seamless, natural lash line requires trimming your false lashes properly so they fit your eyes perfectly. Learning how to trim your falsies to the right shape and length for you helps them blend in beautifully. Follow this simple process to trim false eyelashes flawlessly every time.

How to Trim False Eyelashes

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First gather the necessary trimming tools. You’ll need a clean pair of sharp scissors or cutting shears along with the lashes you intend to trim. Lay the new eyelashes on a flat surface and inspect their length against your natural lashes. Look to see if the band is too long or wide for your eyes. Identify where the ends will overlap once applied.

Next, curl the lashes gently to better see where they need trimming. Use your fingers to softly curve the lash band into a “C” shape facing away from you. Curling them gives you a clearer view of the points needing a trim for ideal placement on your lids. It also helps the lashes hold the curve better.

Now use the sharp scissors to carefully trim the ends of the lash band as needed for your eye width and shape. Always trim from the outer corner, snipping incrementally inward. Make small, precision cuts of 1-2 mm at a time, checking the fit often. Don’t cut off too much at once!

Trim primarily from the outer corners to prevent the inner corners poking or irritating eyes. For most eye shapes, you only need to trim the outer 1/3 of the lash band’s ends. Cut the edges perpendicular to the lash line so they sit flush with your natural lash line.

After trimming the ends, check that the lashes aren’t too long vertically either. Place the lashes against your eye to see if they will hang down lower than your real lower lashes. If so, trim the length from the inner corners little by little until the length fits your eyes.

Once the length seems right, test the fit by applying the lashes temporarily. Use tweezers to place them along your lash line gently. Look down into a mirror to see if the band extends past your real lashes. If so, trim more off the ends and retest the fit.

Repeat this test fit and trim process until the false lashes align perfectly end-to-end with your natural lashes. There should be no gaps between the real and false lashes. The inner and outer corners should also butt up against your actual lash lines seamlessly after trimming.

Finally, make any minor adjustments needed if the lashes still appear too long or wide. You can always trim a tiny bit more, but be careful not to cut off too much length. Remember it’s easier to trim more than try to add length back.

How to Trim False Eyelashes


The ideal finished length depends on your eye and lid shape but trimmed lashes generally range from 20mm-25mm total. Leave some extra length on the outer corner for a cute, lifted appearance. Follow your natural lash line’s curve when trimming for the best fit.

After trimming your new lashes should contour to your eyes beautifully. They will appear much more blended and natural. Proper trimming ensures comfortable, long lasting wear without poking, lifting or irritation. Always trim new lashes before use for flawless application every time.

With the right trimming techniques, false lashes elevate your makeup routine. Practice measuring and cutting your falsies carefully for a custom fit. Check the alignment often and make small snips. In just a few minutes you can trim lashes to your exact shape and length. Then apply as usual with the perfect seamless enhancement. Master trimming skills and false lashes become easy, painless and oh so glamorous.

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