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Rare Beauty Concealer Brush

Rare Beauty Concealer Brush Review

Rare Beauty recently expanded their collection with makeup brushes, including the Concealer Brush designed for seamless concealer application. This tapered brush promises precise application and easy blending into the skin.

In this review, we’ll assess the Rare Beauty Concealer Brush’s shape, density, performance with liquid and cream concealers, overall quality, and compare it to similar brushes on the market. Read on for the full evaluation.

Brush Shape and Design

The Concealer Brush has a tapered, rounded shape well suited for applying concealer around the under eyes and on targeted areas. The tapered tip allows you to precisely apply product exactly where needed.

The bristles are soft synthetic fibers with a slight curve on the edge that follows the contours of the face. The shape and density of the brush make it easy to buff and blend out edges. The ergonomic handle is weighted for controlled application. Overall, an ideal design for concealing.

Rare Beauty Concealer Brush

Performance with Concealers

When used with liquid concealers, the tapered bristles pick up just the right amount of product. The synthetic fibers blend liquid formulas smoothly into the skin for an even, creaseless finish.

The brush also works excellently with thicker cream concealers. It picks up enough of the creamy product to provide full coverage. The shape then allows you to seamlessly pat and buff the edges until perfectly blended.

Whether using liquid or cream concealers, this brush makes application easy and foolproof by evenly depositing pigment and softening edges. The result is undetectable, flawlessly blended concealer every time.

Quality and Durability

The Rare Beauty Concealer Brush is made with high quality brown synthetic taklon fibers that feel ultra-soft on the skin. The fibers have slight give but don’t splay or lose shape with washing.

The construction feels substantial and durable. The weighted metal ferrule and handle give it a luxurious feel. Overall, the brush is made to last and withstand repeated use and cleaning.

Rare Beauty Concealer Brush

Comparison to Similar Brushes

Compared to other popular concealer brushes, the Rare Beauty version has a more precise pointed tip and soft, tapered edge perfect for the undereye area. It excels at buffing out the edges of concealer seamlessly.

While fluffier concealer brushes can diffuse product nicely, the Rare Beauty brush has an ideal balance of precision and easy blending ability. It also has a weightier, more luxe feel than comparably priced brushes.

Pros and Cons

Some pros of the Rare Beauty Concealer Brush are the tapered shape for precision, soft synthetic fibers, and performance blending liquid and cream concealers smoothly. It also has a durable, high quality construction.

A potential con is the higher price point ($16). However, the brush quality rivals higher end brands. For most users, the performance merits the investment.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Rare Beauty Concealer Brush is easy to recommend for flawlessly blended concealer application. The shape and versatility make it excel at concealing the undereye area and facial imperfections seamlessly. For those seeking a high quality, long lasting concealer brush, Rare Beauty delivers.

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