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NYX Powder Eyebrow Pencil

Sculpt Beautiful Arches with the NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil

Grooming your brows is an essential first step before makeup application. But filling in and shaping arches perfectly can be tricky. Enter the innovative NYX Eyebrow Powder Pencil – a must-have multitasking tool that shapes, defines, and sculpts brows seamlessly with built-in color powder. Keep reading to master this all-in-one brow pencil.

NYX Powder Eyebrow Pencil

Hybrid Magic

What makes this brow savior so unique is its genius combo design. Featuring a ultra-slim mechanical pencil tip filled with soft powder pigment, it allows tackling all your brow needs with one convenient pencil. The fine retractable tip outlines arches precisely or draws on individual hair strokes that mimic real follicles for amazingly natural fullness. Then using the integrated spoolie brush built into the pencil cap, blend in the powder formula for a polished finish.

With both liner precision and powder pigment in a single portable pencil, you can skip Brow Pomades or carrying multiple products. The slim twist-up tube design even fits neatly into tiny clutch bags for beauty touchups on the go. This bestselling NYX eyebrow powder pencil comes in six natural-looking colors from light blonde to soft black that work with any base hair color.

Effortless Sculpting

Thanks to the pencil’s ultra-fine point and smooth powder, sculpting brows to perfection is easier than ever. Simply sketch your desired shape using short, feathery strokes that mimic real hairs across any sparse areas of your natural arch. The super-slim tip allows drawing the finest lines along the brow bone to outline shape and create depth. Unlike bulky pencils, the Micro Brow gives you full control over line thickness and precision.

Once your shape looks defined, use the brush end to gently blend pencil lines outward. Brush the formula through the entire brow area to fill any overtly patchy spots and create an even clean color. The short brush with stiff dense bristles allows maximum control combing through hairs with ease right along the arch line. With just a few tailored strokes, brows transform instantly with the powder formula fusing seamlessly to both skin and hairs.

NYX Powder Eyebrow Pencil

Brow Shaping Made Simple

Use these easy shaping tips and tricks for stunning arches:

1. Draw individual hairs to fill overly sparse sections within your natural shape using a feathery touch and hair-like strokes. Avoid simply lining the top and bottom borders of your arch heavily like a frame.

2. Soften any harsh pencil-drawn edges by brushing back and forth perpendicular to your arch rather than along the length. Blend lines outwards toward your temples for a natural look.

3. Use the pointy tip to add sharpness by extending the tail slightly longer on the outer corners. For wide-eyed lift at the front, brush hairs straight up.

4. Always do your brows before eye makeup to prevent mishaps. Let pencil set a minute before blending to prevent shifting pigment too much.

For convenient, flawless arches in moments, explore the NYX Micro Brow collection. With just this one ultra-precise mechanical pencil, take total control over your brows. Achieve salon-quality definition, shape and polish for stunning eyes every single day.

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